Clear Aligners phases treatments

'Yes' or 'No' to Clear Aligners phases treatments?

written by Dr. Sherif Kandil

If engineers would agree that building a house at one time i.e. one block would prove better than building it in phases that could change much, however this is not the case yet.

My answer here is YES.

It has been always questionable whether sending aligners in phases could be an advantage for the whole clear aligner treatment experience or sending it in one kit would save time effort and money for the manufacturer.  According to our trials and experiments throughout the years we have concluded that the more we send the treatment aligners in phases is the better results we get.

However it’s always not possible to send many phases for many logistic reasons so we decided to make it easier for everyone so we send our aligners in almost 6 months phases each.

K CLear Aligner

Advantages of phasing system


Less error

Throughout the treatment planning or treatment steps on the software there is always slight increments of error that do not cohere to the exact biological movement or response of the teeth in the same patient respectively. Whenever the number of steps increase the amount of error is accumulated.


Less midcourse corrections and less refinements

This is a rational conclusion of number one. Whenever we increase the number of steps in the treatment plan for clear aliner treatments the more we get and respectively the more midcourse corrections and refinements we need in the treatment.


Less undesired tooth movement

It has been reported in many occasions in cases treated with clear aligners that receive a full kit of aligners, that due to the slight errors in planning the teeth sometimes react inversely and thus move in a totally unplanned direction like being intruded or extruded for example. This makes mid-course corrections necessary nevertheless difficult.


In most cases we send a 6 months phase of aligners where after you should take new silicon impressions even if the clear aligners are fitting perfectly on teeth.

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